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Welcome to WOOT! (War On Obesity Today)

 A Movement to Cure Childhood Obesity & Adult Obesity


What is WOOT?

Where is WOOT! located?

Why was WOOT! created?

WOOT Personnel


What Is WOOT! ?

WOOT! (War on Obesity Today), Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves the Denver Metro area through a strategy of fitness and nutrition education, support, and programs and through partnerships with complementary health care providers. Using these strategies we aim to:

  1. Cure childhood and adult obesity and fight against its related diseases including Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  2. Promote overall wellness and aims to build healthier communities by increasing awareness, interest in and access to physical activity, healthy nutrition, and healthy living.

WOOT! provides services to Denver Metropolitan area residents who are affected by any of the following disparities because they are at greatest risk of obesity-related health issues: poverty, lack of quality health education, debilitating injury, diabetes or other blood-related disease, domestic violence, and post-traumatic stress. WOOT is funded by community support from fundraisers, donations and various grants.

WOOT!’s Vision

  • NO ONE goes without having the means and knowing how to eat healthy and exercise anywhere at anytime.
  • Become a national model for health and wellness, obesity-specific community-based organization


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Where Is WOOT! located?

WOOT! is located in the Denver Metro area of Colorado. Although Colorado is the leading state in physical health and the only state with an obesity rate near 20 percent we are not exempt from the overall rise in obesity and the risk of poor health and disease, especially amongst people suffering in poverty. We have selected 4 core areas surrounding at risk neighborhoods below (click on each to view area boundaries):

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Why was WOOT! created ?

There are few other non-profit organizations in the Denver metro area (Denver-Aurora-Broomfield) working at the grass-roots level to provide nutrition and fitness services to the general population and to under-educated and under-served residents (those who cannot afford health, fitness and nutrition services, minorities, those living in poverty, etc…) and there are no other non-profit organizations that specialize in the service.

As of 2010, 23% of Colorado children (ages 2-14) are obese (Colorado Child Health Survey, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2010) and 20% of Colorado adults are currently overweight or obese (Centers for Disease Control obesity data). Furthermore, 2009 data showed that of the 2.8 million Denver Metro residents 12% live in poverty and 27% of the 99, 967 children living in the area live in poverty and Hispanic and Black/African American children make up 76% of the children living in poverty. This means that we have the potential of reaching out to 336,000 adult residents and 27,000 child residents living at-risk for obesity and the related diseases.


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WOOT Personnel



Founder, Executive Director, Blenda Cooper

Blenda Cooper is a Denver native and local personal trainer. Upon learning of her family members’ health struggles due to poor nutrition and weight gain/obesity, Blenda created WOOT with a passion to help youth and adults to have a chance to be healthy and live longer, quality lives.





Board Members

Elizabeth Gay, Prevention Specialist

June Garlick, LCSW

Jackie Larner, LCSW

Maureen Beigel


Advisory Board Members

Dr. Ivor Garlick, M.D.


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